We are Travis and Tina. We're planning our low-key urban wedding. These are our tales as we coordinate our celebration.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just Married!

We were hitched without a hitch last Friday. Travis and I couldn't be more thrilled with how the day unfolded with our family surrounding us.

Ceremony photos (photo credit to Pamela Palma):

Pre-Wedding with my sister, Kathryn:


Beautiful Bridal Bouquet. I loved it!

Beautiful Bridal Bouquet

Travis and I got ready separately so we staged a "reveal" at City Hall. This is Travis pre-reveal:

Waiting For His Bride Pre-Reveal

The Reveal!


Posing Post-Reveal -- we were super excited to see each other!


Our ceremony in action on the Mayor's Balcony at San Francisco City Hall:


Rev. Rich officiating:

Ceremony at City Hall

Hurray! We're married!


We Did It!

Husband & Wife!

Making it official -- filling out the paperwork:

Can I Get a Witness?

Exiting City Hall together:

Exiting: Mr. & Mrs. Crawford

Requisite City Hall shot:

We're Married!

More photos coming soon...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Coming Together ... In Photos

Family is in town and we have one day to go. In fact, tomorrow at this time Travis and I will officially be hitched!

Here are some photos from the past few days.

Bachelorette lunch with the LUNA ladies:

Ladies Who Lunch

Wedding present central -- Thanks, everybody!

Fort Crawford

Solo Hike to Twin Peaks. Let's hope this awesome weather sticks!

Hike to Twin Peaks

Sewing Runners for Decor:

Mamie setting up shop Craft Time

Putting Family to Work - Hanging Artwork:

Travis' Dad Hung Up Some of Our Art Ray Hanging Up Bike Art

Spray Tan Time:

The Spray Tan Comes to Me

Renting Bikes for Saturday's Big Ride:

Setting Up the Bikes On Our Way Home

One thing we missed capturing was the meeting of the Reids and Crawfords! Travis' parents and my parents and sister met up for a fun dinner last night. It was fun for everyone to finally meet in person before the ceremony.

Here's to a great weekend of fun, festivities and love. Thanks, everyone, for all of your support and assistance getting us ready for the BIG DAY!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dinner With the Crawfords

The wedding is only 3 days away and family has started coming to town. (This is really happening!)

On Sunday, Travis' older brother Luke flew in from NYC and Travis' parents, Ray and Mamie, flew in from Ohio. Unfortunately, we have to work through today, so it's been up to them to entertain themselves in SF.

Ray and Mamie invited us to their flat rental in Noe Valley for dinner last night. It was fun to visit and hear about their day wandering the Academy of Sciences, The Japanese Tea Garden and the outside of the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. Plus, they hosted a feast!

Travis & Mamie

Chowing Down


Thanks for a fun evening, Ray, Mamie & Luke!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

We're Getting Excited!

We've been pretty busy around here getting the details dialed in for the Big Day: site visits, vendor check ins, family check ins, etc.

But... we're excited it's so close -- can't you tell?

We're Excited!

Fynn got a bow tie for the Big Day and Travis has been "practicing" wearing his new wedding band.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Obtaining Our Marriage License in Photos

Walking to City Hall before work:

Walking to City Hall

Almost there:


The long hall to the County Clerk office:

On Our Way to the County Clerk

Filling out the paperwork (and our new names):

Filling Out the Paperwork

It's official -- well the paperwork is!


It was actually a lot of fun to head to City Hall and obtain our marriage license. Not only did it make things feel more real, but it felt magical, too. We're really getting married!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Getting Crafty

Since we're less than 3 weeks from the wedding, it's time to start tackling some of the decoration tasks. I've decided to add some simple elements to spruce up the dinner after our ceremony. We've reserved a private room at Pauline's Pizza and I'm using the lower photo below as inspiration for the tables -- simple, classic and comfortable.


I reserved the book Handmade Weddings from Hello Lucky (the same company that did our invitations), months ago at the San Francisco Public Library. I finally received a notice it was available about 2 weeks ago so I marched over to check it out. So cute and inspiring! Of course I don't have the time to do most of the projects, but I did decide to go for the yarn bombed vase centerpieces this weekend:

The Instructions

On Saturday, I headed to the nearby Thrift Town and Goodwill to see what types of vases and votives I could track down. I managed to find 4 similar vases at Thrift Town and 14 votives at Goodwill. Score! I also visited a local knitting store and purchased some bright orange (Ojai Orange) yarn and the drug store for double-sided tape.

The Tools

Lauryn stopped by again on her way out of town last night so I asked if she was up for a project. She was game and turned out to be the perfect craft partner with her amazing attention to detail and background in design. We got to work!

Let's Get Started

It took us a while to get the hang of working with yarn, curvy glass and double-sided tape. After a while, we got the hang of it and perfected a technique utilizing all 4 of our hands and joked that we were an efficient human weaving vase loom.

One Down -- Need to Match Em Up

In all, we were super impressed with how the vases turned out. They look sharp and well done. Many thanks to Lauryn's diligence to detail! In all, this project took about 3 hours and cost $17. Nice!

Finished Project!

Friday, July 1, 2011

With a Little Help From My...Vendors

I've worked on big events throughout my professional career: lectures with luminaries at the Commonwealth Club of California, helping out with the logistics for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer San Francisco and planning the annual weekend Team LUNA Chix Summit for CLIF Bar ...

So when it came to planning our wedding, I knew it'd be an extension of what I do day-to-day. Travis, on the other hand, has extended beyond his comfort zone for a crash course in the dizzying array of tasks involved in event planning and we've both tackled our to-do lists pretty faithfully.

We've hired vendors to help out or execute the different needs for the ceremony day and ride/party day. Without their help, we wouldn't have our wedding weekend. We're pretty excited about the group we've curated. Let's introduce you to a few:

My father has a history of officiating family weddings and is "ordained" by the Universal Life Church. He married my sister, Kathryn, and brother-in-law, Brian, in 2000 and my cousin Ryan and his wife, Jessica a few years ago. He's also officiating my cousin Lauryn and her fiance Tyler's wedding in September. The thing is, I'm a cryer so it is an absolute guarantee I would bawl through a ceremony officiated by my father. So we turned to a more neutral source -- the internet -- and landed on Reverend Rich. We contacted him, had a conversation over Skype and signed a contract. Right now we're working through the details of our vows. He's also helped us structure the format of our ceremony hour which has been helpful.

We needed a day-of planner to handle the hour-by-hour logistics -- especially the party set-up while Travis and I are out on our bike ride. Enter Genevieve from Lily Spruce. I actually know Genevieve from her work with the Breast Cancer Fund, LUNA's non-profit beneficiary so I knew she would be a great fit. When we were six weeks out and still didn't have a caterer lined up, we realized we needed some extra help. Genevieve is helping us navigate our last big to-do items (read: securing a caterer for our party with 3 weeks to spare!) and even small details like design direction. We super appreciate her help as we work on wedding stuff in what seems to be all of our non-work hours.

As of noon today, we have confirmed our caterer for our party. Genevieve, Travis and I have been biting our nails trying to lock in this major to-do item. We're excited to work with Bi Rite because they have super delicious local, sustainable food and they're a sponsor of our bike club, Mission Cycling. With Bi Rite confirmed, we know the food and service will be totally dialed in.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm going with Ashley and Alexia from Flower & Gold for hair and make up -- mostly because I lack much experience in creativity with either. My sister and mom are also getting their hair done by Ashley so it will be fun to share the experience together pre-wedding.

I met Pamela Palma through work when I hired her to photograph one of my biggest events of the year, the Team LUNA Chix Summit weekend. We challenged Pamela with an aggressive shoot schedule to get our Chix in action throughout the weekend. Amazingly, Pamela not only covered the event producing great photos, but she got to know a lot of the women and truly embody the spirit of the weekend. We're pretty excited she agreed to shoot our wedding, as she's usually out at bike races taking awesome action shots. She's also a pretty bad-ass cyclist herself.

So... Pop Sugar offered a deal a while ago that my coworkers Abby and Christine encouraged I try -- a mobile spray tan company. The deal was pretty reasonable so I tried it out this week to give the spray tan thing one more shot (several people told me I needed to only spray the "white zones" versus all over). Emily, from Tan A La Mode, showed up at my house after work at 6, popped up her super tall tent in my living room and got to work. She was super helpful and went to work on my funky tanlines. Not only did she make me feel comfortable and get in and out of my house in 30 minutes -- but the tan worked -- on my arms at least! It's great! Everyone has been super impressed and I'm going to go for it again about 2 days before the Big Day. And the best thing about them? I don't have to go anywhere -- they come to me!

I've also got some amazing help from some friends:
-Jen, a friend from carpool at work, has graciously offered to manage our flower decor at the party.
-Suzy & Jason are providing the homebrew TNT Dynamite Brew at our wedding.
-Our dear friend Eugene, who we met through Mission Cycling and has since moved to L.A. is driving up and bringing his bike and camera along. He's going to be our bike-ride photographer and shoot photos from the bike. He did an amazing end-of-summer bike photo series a couple of years ago I absolutely love.
-My parents have been incredibly generous is helping us pull off our party. We tremendously appreciate their willingness to work with our vision and help make it a reality!

So with 3 weeks to go, we're in a great place and getting pretty darn excited the Big Day is almost here. Heck yeah!