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Monday, June 27, 2011

TnT Dynamite Brew

When I told my coworker Suzy about our plan to have a day-after wedding reception for friends and family, she quickly offered up the homebrew services of her husband, Jason. I don’t know if Jason knew what he was getting roped into, but it sounded awesome – a specialized homebrew at our lowkey reception!

At Suzy’s assurance that Jason was game, she brought homebrew samples into work a few times for me to bring home to Travis. I’m not a big beer drinker so it was up to Travis to taste, savor and select a type of beer. Travis gave the greenlight to Jason’s Porter. At this point, we’d heard that Jason had won a local homebrew contest and knew we were in good hands.

Suzy and Jason invited us over to help with the brewing process so we penciled in the Sunday over Memorial Day weekend.

Travis and I don’t own a car so we decided to turn the event into a century bike ride. Suzy and Jason live in Petaluma which is 51 miles from our house. We set out at 7 a.m. in the morning and, after a stop halfway in Fairfax for a snack, we got to Suzy and Jason’s house a bit before noon.


We parked our bikes, checked out Suzy and Jason’s lovely home and Jason’s amazing homebrew set up. Travis and Jason got to brew bro stuff and Suzy and I chatted, checked out the goats in the neighborhood and ordered lunch. We got to eat some Old Chicago Pizza and I even took a nap! Travis and Jason pretty much spent the whole time geeking out over beer stuff. After a 5 hour visit we got on our bikes around 5 p.m. and pedaled home.

All Smiles

Riding home in the last afternoon/evening was a fun change of pace with few riders on the roads, amazing light and beautiful views. We made it to the Golden Gate Bridge at dusk and only had to use our super lights the last 45 minutes. 102 miles in the bag!

Heading Home Through Mill Valley at Dusk Across the Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk

It was a perfect day on the bike – and visiting with friends.

We look forward to tasting the final brew at our reception!

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