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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ring Time

I think it was 2 weekends ago that Travis and I realized we were coming up on the wedding pretty fast and we hadn't ordered our wedding bands. It was one of those things we figured we'd just get to. I had a packed week last week so I had to cancel my sewing class to make time to get to the jewelry shop.

Chabo's was one of the 3 jewelers we visited when selecting my engagement ring. Initially I was overwhelmed by the array of options available -- they specialize in custom jewelry -- so we ended up buying my engagement ring at Dianne's Estate Jewelry.

Travis, though, fell for the Tungsten carbide rings at Chabo's because they look cool and are "from the future." Since Travis was set on a Tungsten carbide ring from Chabo's, I figured I'd look again at the simple band options they had at the same time.

So we headed to the SOMA neighborhood to meet up after work. Chabo's is located in the basement of a huge building. We had to get buzzed in by security, head down to the basement and through a maze of hallways to the shop.

Heading down to Chabo's

We sat down and looked at bands for me first. I found a super thin, simple band I liked but, again overwhelmed by the possibilities to customize the band with a small band of diamonds, we switched to looking at bands for Travis.

Travis tried on a variety of metals, sizes and finishes. He landed at a quite manly and lovely Tungsten carbide ring. Nice!

Travis' Wedding Band

Then it was decision time for me. We landed on a simple design to mirror my engagement ring -- a small band of mini diamonds with an accent (similar to my engagement ring) on either end.

Tina's Rings

We ordered our rings and we're now waiting to hear back on when we need to head in to pick them up. Exciting!

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