We are Travis and Tina. We're planning our low-key urban wedding. These are our tales as we coordinate our celebration.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Our wedding is in 3 weeks (tomorrow!), but we've been lucky to see some of our favorite people before they come out for our wedding. What's better than seeing them once in a month? Seeing them twice in one month!

Travis' older brother, Luke, came out to San Francisco for work last week and stayed with us before and after his work week. It was great to host him, visit, cook dinner, eat out and explore the city together. Travis and Luke even got some bro time, heading out to a local bar and catching up. We know some of the magic of San Francisco rubbed off on Luke and we continue to work on him to move out here from NYC. We'll see!

Right before Luke left, we took a morning hike to Bernal Hill. I'd never actually been to the top before. We were finally having beautiful weather so it was fun to feel the sun on our backs, look over some clear amazing vistas of SF and remind Luke that this was certainly not typical summer weather!


Tina & Luke

And tonight, my cousin Lauryn flew in from Lousiville for her close friend's wedding in Napa this weekend. The rest of her friends fly in tomorrow morning so we're hosting her here tonight. I met up with her after work and we caught up over a fun city hike. We decided to check out our reception venue over in Noe Valley. Along the way, Lauryn, took lots of photos and we talked about both of our pending weddings (Lauryn is getting married in 2 months in NY!).

Lauryn Flowers

We then met up with Travis for dinner at our favorite Indian burrito joint, Kasa. We then walked home via Dolores Park at dusk.


We look forward to welcoming Luke & Lauryn back, along with the rest of the family in 3 weeks.

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