We are Travis and Tina. We're planning our low-key urban wedding. These are our tales as we coordinate our celebration.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Coming Together ... In Photos

Family is in town and we have one day to go. In fact, tomorrow at this time Travis and I will officially be hitched!

Here are some photos from the past few days.

Bachelorette lunch with the LUNA ladies:

Ladies Who Lunch

Wedding present central -- Thanks, everybody!

Fort Crawford

Solo Hike to Twin Peaks. Let's hope this awesome weather sticks!

Hike to Twin Peaks

Sewing Runners for Decor:

Mamie setting up shop Craft Time

Putting Family to Work - Hanging Artwork:

Travis' Dad Hung Up Some of Our Art Ray Hanging Up Bike Art

Spray Tan Time:

The Spray Tan Comes to Me

Renting Bikes for Saturday's Big Ride:

Setting Up the Bikes On Our Way Home

One thing we missed capturing was the meeting of the Reids and Crawfords! Travis' parents and my parents and sister met up for a fun dinner last night. It was fun for everyone to finally meet in person before the ceremony.

Here's to a great weekend of fun, festivities and love. Thanks, everyone, for all of your support and assistance getting us ready for the BIG DAY!

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  1. Did you spray tan in the tent at your house? Too funny! Have fun on your BIG DAY!!! Thinking of you!