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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lookin' Good

Last weekend, Travis and I braved the downpour to go suit shopping. We decided that it's good for him to have a suit on hand in general and he'll also use it for the wedding.
We went to J. Crew downtown and took some time checking out the different suit styles, fabrics and colors of suits. We also did some online research the night before. J. Crew has a really great feature on their website that not only shows their suits, but has a video of models walking around in the suits. It really helped us understand the nuances between the suits. We were pretty much sold on the Ludlow.

Anyway, when we got to J. Crew the staff was super helpful in selecting the right style. We had to use a little imagination because they didn't have the exact color/sizing Travis wanted on hand. After much trying on and some needed input/education from the saleswoman about fabrics/suit-sizing, we went with the Ludlow in charcoal. Travis purchased the jacket, vest and pants via the catalog so we didn't actually get to walk out with the threads.

When he got home last night, Travis had already received the full suit in the mail! My best friend Leila was over so we demanded an on-the-spot preview. Leila works in planning in menswear at The Gap and, while I was pleased with the suit, we got her expert stamp of approval as well. Travis looked great. I can't wait to see him all dressed up on the Big Day!

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  1. Looks nice, but I care more about what YOU'RE wearing! ;-)