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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Cycling Life -- 2011 Goals, a Honeymoon & Tanlines

Most of you know that I like to bike -- a lot. As in, for miles and miles on end. There is something about spending the day outside with friends, tackling some major mountains on your own power and then heading home for a tasty meal and falling into bed happy exhausted.

Luckily, Travis understands. We met through our bike club and our favorite weekend activity is to head out on bike dates. Lately, we've both stepped up to the cycling goals we've set for ourselves this year.
Sweethearts <3 Mad Marchness

Travis and I hope to go on a 9 day cycling honeymoon through the Alps in September from Geneva to Nice. It involves climbing like we've never seen, but is exactly the type of trip that makes our eyes sparkle with excitement -- and our calves twitch in anticipation. We're not really beach folks and we don't idle well so an (epically) active honeymoon adventure is up our alley.

Travis is 100% back on the bike after his recovery from his broken clavicle and subsequent surgery in September and is already training for our pending honeymoon with early morning hill repeats and back-to-back weekend rides.

Biking is more like another part time job on top of my regular full time job. I try to get in 2 spin classes during the week, along with strength/core training twice a week at my work's gym. And then I aim to get on my bike for anywhere from 100-175 miles on the weekends.

In addition to our honeymoon, I've lined up what I call my "ATP" or Aggressive Training Plan. My best friend and riding buddy, Kelly, and I are tackling Furnace Creek 508 this year (this will be my third time and second time with Kelly) which is a 509 miles ride through Death Valley. Kelly and I will tagteam and have the support of my sister and Travis in a crew vehicle.

Official Finish Photo

To prep, Kelly and I are tackling 4 double centuries (200 miles in one day) and the famous Death Ride. I hope to throw in an additional double century after Furnace Creek for good measure. Anyway, our first double of the season is this weekend in Paso Robles, CA and will help us gauge our fitness and whether or not our ATP is appropriate or insane.

While all of this will get me in great shape for our honeymoon, there is a side effect to all the riding -- and that is the infamous cycling tanlines. Since I usually train year round, I have perpetual cycling tan lines -- feet, legs and arms. In general, I avoid any type of strappy shoe since it just looks like I'm wearing socks and try to pretend my arm tan lines aren't as strong as they are. If I must wear girly shoes, I actually (no joke!) put make up on my feet to even it out.
<3At LUNAFEST 2010

I don't want to wear make up on my feet and I don't want to look like I'm wearing a sweater with my dress on my wedding day so next week I'm trying spray tanning. It's an experiment to see if we can even out my tan lines which will only get stronger with 3 double centuries and the Death Ride between now and our wedding!

And if the spray tan doesn't work -- then I'll have to be OK with it cuz it won't stop me from riding up a storm!

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