We are Travis and Tina. We're planning our low-key urban wedding. These are our tales as we coordinate our celebration.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Vision

Travis proposed to me late at night on New Year's Day, 1.1.11. I like to say he proposed at 11:11 p.m., but neither of us really paid any attention to the exact time. As I tried to sleep that night, I started thinking about the what our wedding would look like.

Fast forward to the next few days as I consulted with Travis. It turns out we we're pretty much on the same page for the type of wedding we want -- simple, a chance for our families to connect, affordable and fun:

  • City Hall Ceremony

  • Bike Ride

  • Gathering with friends and family

We've quickly learned that our vision of a simple wedding celebrating with our favorite people could easily get sucked into the wedding vortex (with grandioise everything, coupled with obscene costs). Travis just calls it all a scam. Either way, our City Hall rental contract for one hour is 19 pages long and finding a casual venue for a gathering to blend spandex-clad cyclists, friends who don't bike and family took at least 12 hours of scouting.

Luckily, we have found the basics:

  • City Hall Ceremony date: July 22nd

  • Private house rental in nearby Noe Valley that will serve as housing for my immediate family and party/gathering venue post-bike ride

Now we have to wrap our heads around all of next steps (and there are many!) -- but we need to continue to keep in mind our basic vision and I'm pretty sure we'll be pleased with the experience.

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